8 pieces of advice to pass the storm in a tough time

8 pieces of advice to pass the storm in a tough time

When times are tough, things get stripped back to the essentials. We need to make valuable choices and focus on the fundamentals. Businesses must be pro-active in such a time and turn the negative into positive. And remember of course, that this too will pass. 

Customers are still coming, so make the most of these fewer customers and treat them, even better, by optimizing their global customer experience! Go through the entire customer experience you are offering from the online browsing, the booking experience, the Onsite experience and, the loyalty program and, spot room for improvement. By asking yourself specific questions such as: is the customer journey you are offering up to scratch? How can it be improved? What tools are missing to achieve this development? By doing so you will gain insight into the tweaks of change required to increase your sales and the remaining customers you will tend so carefully to, will blossom into loyal, better customers. 

So roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and find out what you need to get rid of, transform or create to improve your customer offer! By asking the right questions, you and your team can come up with innovative changes however slight which will generate more business. 

Here are the key points we think you should be paying attention to: 

booking system of HARi


Simplify the entire customer experience at every step. For example: accessing key information on your website (menu/booking/contact..), booking widget and, auto-confirmation email. 

POS system of HARi in a restaurant


Is your Point of Sales System (reception, phone, online, etc) 100% operational and optimal? Can you accurately track clients from their bills and then propose loyalty offers that will turn them into ‘house’ members? Are you able to see the main Data live to take a quick and proactive decision (instead of waiting for the end of the month the manual Finance consolidation)? 


Until few months ago, you may have been focusing on VIPs only or just on your regular customers due to lack of time and efficient tools. Today every booking matters. And every booking should be taken into consideration equally.


In difficult times, you can be tempted to pay less attention to insignificant details such as the broken light bulb or the noisy aircon, but these details matter. During times like these, you have to be even more attentive to such details. Indeed, the lack of attention to such details can send a negative message to those who are paying attention 

restaurant team smiling before service


Get each member of staff on the same page, focusing on your core activity: serving and delighting your clients. Convey clear messages with your staff which align on set priorities. The upkeep and development of organizational focus are key. 

good quality of food


Very simple: QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY is the best marketing tool you could imagine. Cutting quality will have a worth impact, especially during these difficult times.  

table with a lot of food


While some companies are tempted to cut back on certain costs during difficult economic times, we would recommend you tread carefully here. Serving fewer side dishes, or reducing the quality of your meals can badly affect the customer’s experience and their loyalty as they often come for a favorite dish…  

a team of restaurant sing for a corporate event


When you manage a group of restaurants, you can easily disconnect with the floor and the clients and become tied up in the financial and bureaucratic aspects. Take this time as a good opportunity to reconnect and support your team and show your customers your collaboration and involvement. 

Our company applies the above advice and helps you to improve your business. That is why our Hospitality platform, HARi, has been built with an “ Live Integration” approach.

We have carefully designed a connected and semi-automated tool which optimizes your existing tools efficiency and financially. You will get to know each of your customers personally and not only respond appropriately to their needs but come up with creative suggestions that they will love.  

So, if you think we can help you out with this, get in touch and we’ll set you up with our integrated and automated platform 


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