Our fields of expertise


  • Governance

  • Digital transformation

  • Crisis management

  • International growth


  • Global marketing strategy

  • Data and digital planning

  • Content creation

  • Team coordination

  • Outsourcing of services


  • Strategic planning

  • Commercial performance

  • Team coaching

  • Managerial outsourcing


  • Managerial transformation

  • Team management

  • Managerial support

  • Individual coaching


Having a clear strategy gives you a framework that guides and facilitates your day-to-day decisions. It also provides your teams with visibility and thus gives meaning to their missions.

It's not easy to run a business on a daily basis, is it? It's easy to be overwhelmed by the ups and downs of everyday life. But it's much less easy to step back in the midst of these ups and downs.

And yet... isn't that the key to the success of every company that lasts, to be able to take a step back, analyze the situation and make decisions in a lucid way.

It is essential to keep an overview. To get away from the day-to-day to pursue medium- and long-term goals. This is where we come in, giving you a new vision that will enable you to make your decisions in an objective and new way.


In companies, marketing is often disconnected from the global activity. The lack of access to strategic data and the fact that marketing is composed of junior staff or people with traditional marketing skills do not always allow to be in tune with the needs of current markets and new customer expectations.

Add to this the lack of time, means, and resources and it is indeed difficult for companies to carry out a marketing strategy that meets the expectations and needs of the market in 2020.

In order to build a solid marketing strategy, we start with a global review of your company's marketing situation in relation to the challenges of your market. And we accompany you at all stages of its deployment, whether it is in skills enhancement, tool improvement or skills outsourcing.


Business performance can be defined by a company's ability to offer a product / service tailored to the needs of consumers, while deploying optimal organization and processes to market them. Indicators (turnover, sales, margins, market share...) are used to measure this performance and support the sales teams in achieving these objectives.

But how to manage the human resources that make up this sales force? Profiles that are increasingly in the field and teleworking, and less and less inclined to administrative tasks. Less operational visibility leads to a progressive loss of performance.

This is where we come in, by setting up the team/process and objectives structure and accompany you with the help of tailor-made methods, and by supporting the teams in the continuous improvement of their individual productivity.



The creation of value is mostly achieved by your human resources, that's why your employees are a real performance lever.

In a difficult economic context, the stress generated by the perception of the crisis leads executives and managers to focus on the performance of the company while forgetting the human aspect. Decisions will be business-oriented without taking into account the professional well-being and fulfillment of employees. Yet these are the elements that will allow you to get through a difficult period in your company.

We help you to put the human being back at the center of your strategy by making your relational intelligence speak. This will allow you to reach your objectives more easily. But also to improve your employer brand !

Our methods

Distance work, coaching, field support, ...


We are agile about the way of working and exchanging, what suits you will suit us ;)

1- Audit

How can we help you without observing and understanding your problem?

We always start with an audit of your situation

2- Workshops / Brainstorming

Then, we set up workshops and discussion times to put ourselves in your shoes.  The exchange is our best tool ;)

3- Rapport

We provide you with more or less consequent reports depending on the topics addressed at each stage of the mission.


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Wherever you are, we intervene.


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