First of all, what is a stamp card? 
Until now, stamp cards were paper cards allowing a gain after a defined number of purchases, materialized by a stamp. Once the set number of stamps was reached, the customer received a free item. Simple! Nowadays, stamp cards are still one of the best ways to reward loyalty. At HARi, we also see them as a great mean to trigger further excitement among customers, collect data and generate more sales and profits!

This is why, to attract all the generations and target audience of todayHARi’s team has designed an incredible digital stamp card! No more lost or forgotten paper cards, and more for the environment! Your customers will always have their stamp card in their pocket or handbag! Safely stored on their smartphones, the digital stamp card will always be ready to be used!

But what’s in it for you? More than you imagine! 
Our Digital Stamp Card allows you:

·      to have all your customer information stored in one place 

·      to track your customer purchasing behaviors  

·      to understand the nature and frequency of each registered spend 

·      to follow the performance of your loyalty program 

·      to send real-time updates, notifications and targeted offers  

·      to give your business a cutting-edge image 


What about your staff? 
Our digital stamp card rhymes with a more efficient and reliable stamping process. Indeed, with a digitalized system, errors and frauds are limited. Easy to handle and user-friendly, with its fast QR code scanning process, your staff will comfortably learn how to work with HARi’s Digital Stamp Card and make the best out of it. 
Is there even more?
Consequently, our digital stamp card will help you
and your team measure the success of your business: 

·      How many regular customers visited last week?  

·      Did new ones signed up for a stamp card yesterday?  

·      How often do customers return?  

·      What is the number of rewards redeemed this month?  

·      Do customers start another stamp card?  

Get all the answers within this brand new tool of our loyalty application! 

How does it work? 
HARi’s Digital Stamp Card comes in two different packages: 

The Reward Stars, the essential stamp card package  

The Custom’, with personalization features 


The Custom, with its great customizable features, is the perfect solution to capture the image of your company, by adding:  

·   a logo 

·    your loyalty program’s name 

·    a number of stamps between 4 and 12 

·    the choice of the free item 

In addition, you can even customize your icon, your text and pick a font and a background color! 


How to get this fantastic Digital Card Stamp? 
Easy! Reach out, 
contact us! 


With our latest innovation, reward your customers for their repeated visits and offer them a unique experience while increasing your database and sales! Not only will you be quick to embrace HARi’s new loyalty tool, the Digital Stamp Card will soon be a big hit among customers and staff members alike!   


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