HARi's New Customer Platform

HARi's New Customer Platform

A faster and easier way to contact us!

Our clients’ satisfaction is what we value the most. Which is why we have decided to make our customer support approach even better!  We created a new way of reaching out, designed to make all contact processes easier, faster, and mostly, to keep our clients at the core of our activity.

Indeed, our customer service is not just a department, it is an attitude, a way of being.

It is our way of ensuring the best experience for our clients. Which explains that our customer service is how we go above-and-beyond with our clients, to show them how important they are to us! From now on, instead of reaching out to their account manager and waiting for their answer, our clients will simply need to send their request at yourcustomerservice@hari.wtfIn this way, our clients will get a faster answer through an easier process!

To put it simply, at HARi, we are always here for you!

HARi’s customer platform will be opened during weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pm, Hong Kong time.


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