HARi SOLUTION : Interactive monitoring platform

HARi SOLUTION : Interactive monitoring platform

All managers want an efficient and user-friendly system to continually improve their business. Here at HARi, we have developed the most powerful Interactive monitoring platform that allows you to Drive, optimize and have a complete overview of your business.

We encompass all types of venues: Retails, Bar and Restaurant, Food court, Rooftop, Night Club, and Hotel. Why? Because Hospitality is about providing an unforgettable customer experience. It means that no matter what your expertise is, the key success factors are applicable to any business. That is why we have identified some common points


TRAFFIC: Bring clients and make them come back 

LOYALTY: Personalize your relationship with each client

REVENUE: Increase your revenues sustainably

INVENTORY: Secure and optimize your stock

PROACTIVITY: Forecast challenges and anticipate corrective actions

SECURITY: Protect your company interests from internal issues


We cover the needs of your customer, your manager, your marketing department, and you the business owner.

All are fully integrated into one system from the customer loyalty app to the dynamic data dashboard. Our tools have been created to ensure the best user experience and are affordable and scalable.  


how doeS it work?

Collect customer data

Why? Because data is one of the essential keys to your business strategy. The aim is to centralize customer information, to get a 360-degree view of your business, and to make the right decision based on the information you have.
How? With the CRM of HARi. The objective is to:


    • Collect all information concerning your customer

    • Manage and historicize customer records

    • Sort and qualify data to highlight information useful for your business

    • Know your customer with a segmentation profile: A segment profile is a detailed description of the market segment across a range of factors and measures. For example: consumer needs and behaviour, product preferences and usage levels, etc

Reports and dashboards restaurant
HARi Dashboard Report Business Development

Drive customers to your venue

Why? Your business is based on your customers and their loyalty. In this way, you develop your traffic and popularity, but also you export your brand image to reach even more people. Being attentive to your customers, simplifying their requests, and creating a close relationship with them allows you to build a stable and efficient business and save your time. How? At HARi, we have several tools at our disposal to help you develop your customer relationship 

Demo of HARi App, Pre-order booking of HARi
Demo of HARi App, Pre-order booking of HARi

Loyalty Program: We have 3 loyalty programs to reward your best clients:

  • Stamp card: Every time a customer buys a specific product/service, they obtains a stamp on their loyalty card. It offers them a reward after a particular number of stamps.

  • 10/10 visits: This program rewards visitors who have come ten times by providing them with a voucher equivalent to 10% of the total of them last ten transactions.

  • Tiers: This service collects points for each spending and after crossing a threshold the customer receives a grade that grants them benefits.

Newsletter: You will be able to create your personal newsletter in your own colors according to your needs.

Campaign automation: It allows you to set up dynamic paths for a contact or lead to follow based on actions taken by them. For example, if the customer fills out a form, you can send them an email then wait to see if they click on Link A or Link B each with appropriate actions.

Online booking: Allow your customers to have several access points to book a table at your restaurant, bar, etc The program ensures its presence and/or bounce back quickly. 

Custom App: This is an application made with your branding to offer your customers the possibilities of:

  • Know your latest news and next events, order/pre-order dishes and menus

  • Make reservations

  • Receive vouchers and promotions

Optimize your business

Why? Knowing your customers also means targeting your needs and anticipating corrective actions, reducing your unnecessary expenses, ensuring the sustainability of your business, and saving even more time. Everything is done to optimize your business. How?

With a user-friendly Point of Sale system (POS).

Manage your:

Sales : ordering, payment, discount, loyalty etc

Table Management: bookings, timeline and availabilities, table assignment, waiting list etc

Inventory: manage your stock, track waste, etc

With dashboards and reports. These provide you with a complete view of your business and help you to anticipate corrections, and make the right decisions. For example: 


  • Discover your best and worst sales by product

  • Determine the best-selling price of a menu item and analyse the best association of products to find your ideal menu items assortments for maximum profits

  • Understand your revenue and manage your cash flow to meet a reasonable cost

  • Track the efficiency of your shift schedule

  • Forecast future sales and visits

  • Know your reservation trends and analyse the traffic of your venue

And many more…. 

User Friendly POS of HARi
User Friendly POS of HARi


Our company follows the expectations of our clients: the latter are willing to take risks for their business and we are here to
accompany them, support them, and develop suitable solutions to help them succeed.


If you want to know more about the HARi solution, drop us a message here :