Webinar: COVID-19/ Restaurants strategy for today and the future.

Webinar: COVID-19/ Restaurants strategy for today and the future.

Thursday 16th of April . 3pm (Hong Kong time)  

Today the COVID-19 is impacting our clients all around the word. May they be in Hong Kong, Dubai, or Bordeaux, they all suffer the same kind of impact on the activity, with a -30% to 80% of revenue loss, when they are not just closed due to confinement. 
The economic situation is serious. And the impact will last. 
At HARi, we have been communicating and interacting with most of them for the last two weeks in order to see what we could be doing to help.  
And we realized that most of them were isolated during this crisis. 
We realized that if we wanted to help them, the first action could be to fight this isolation, and re-build the communication by business information and experience sharing within our community. 
That’s why we have decided to set up this Webinar.  
The objective of this session is to put together all the experiences, feedbacks, articles, studies, best practices and ideas we collected about what is happening in the different markets. And share them with you during this session. 
We will also share exclusive video testimonials coming from hospitality, takeaway, FnB groups, nightclubbing, and catering companies partnering with us.  
By this actions, we hope to cover the whole spectrum of our amazing industry and help you to find suitable short-term and long-term suggestions. This, in order to lower the impact of this crisis on your activity.  And eventually transform this situation into long-term business opportunities for you. 
You are interested? 
Simply RSVP here and meet us online on Tuesday 16th April . And it’s free.   


  1. Current market situation around the globe and expected evolution   

  2. Experience sharing for an operator when his market is affected by the COVID-19 crisis, with testimonials from Hong Kong, Dubai and France. 
    a. When a market remains opened, but impacting your daily operations  
    b. When a government is applying a population confinement and closing your restaurant or bar for an unlimited period. 
    c. When you reopen your venue after confinement   

  3. Best practices in operations crisis management at every step.   

  4. Appropriated marketing strategy during the crisis and after.   

  5. New impacts on the industry in terms of customers behaviors, production, operations, and business strategies  

 Suggestions of new restaurants strategy to implement for the After-crisis. 

Pierre Stanghellini – HARi strategist and Co-founder

With the precious participation of:  

  • Jacques Boissier / G.M. Classic Fine Foods & President C.C.E Hong Kong – Hong Kong.   

  • Alain Decesse / C.E.O . BULLDOZER Group / Dubai – E.A.U.   

  • Corinne Bauer / General Manager. Iboat / Bordeaux – France  

  • Daniel Balla / Paris – France   

  • Vincent Paris / General Manager. Golf du Médoc / Bordeaux – France   

And more. 

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About the speaker:

Pierre Stanghellini – HARi Strategist

French, originally from Bordeaux, raised in Africa until the age of 15, and in Asia for the last ten years, Pierre has spent his entire career in the hospitality industry (Cafés, Hotels, Restaurants). 


He is now a Consultant in Business Development Strategy for catering groups in Europe and Asia, wherehe is present monthly as part of his missions. He is also co-founder and responsible for the strategic development of HARi.  

  • He has been in the restaurant industry for 20 years. 

  • Data strategy consultant for nearly 40 restaurants and bar groups in Asia and France. 

  • Vice-Chairman of the “Food & Beverage” Committee of the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong since 2017.

  • Co-Founder of the integrated management platform, HARi. 

  • Member of the French Tech Hong Kong and Shenzhen.  

About HARi :

Launched three years ago in Hong Kong, HARi is an integrated business management platform. 
HARi is covering the Catering, Retail, and BtoB (Business-to-Business) sectors. 

HARi, in its various forms, is used today in 42 countries around the world, on all five continents.  

HARi’s mission is to help establishments, whether they are clothing stores or restaurants, to increase 

qualified traffic in their establishments, increase  customer loyalty, and help their economic growth, through integrated and automated tools and live data analysis.  

HARi offers its restaurant customers a complete and integrated platform including a cash register system, an online table reservation tool, a multi-site inventory management system, a full loyalty program, an automated marketing management module, a qualified database management tool (CRM), and live dashboards to help them make informed decisions.  

Finally, HARi operates on an affordable monthly subscription basis in multiple languages and currencies.  

HARi covers the needs of hundreds of establishments ranging from takeaway restaurants to starred restaurants, cocktail bars, 5-star hotels, and Night Clubs in 5 countries, including France. 

Finally, by the end of 2020, HARi plans to use predictive analysis tools and algorithms to provide detailed and personalized growth forecasts to restaurant managers, enabling them to anticipate market changes and adapt their operational and commercial tools in advance. 

HARI’s objective is simple: WTF (as Write The Future). 


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