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Digitalize your Business with HARi

Vou own a store, a consulting firm, a company selling to individuals.

You market goods or services online.

And does the current containment situation impact you professionally?

Take control of your business.

And transform your future

in 15 days by digitizing it!

We offer a digital transformation service for Small and Medium Entreprises.

This service is composed of 2 offers:


Dedicated to your service activities, includes your websit with a BLOG section to create articles and interact with your community.

Perfectly adapted to your communication needs, be it sharing your expertise, your achievements, the publication of your articles and documents inherent to your activity, and an E-marketing platform for the management of sending your company's Newsletters to your database.

2- An E-SHOP pack

Dedicated to your online sales activities, includes your website with a complete E-shop solution (management of stocks / orders / promotions / shipping costs / online payment / customer communication, etc. ...), and an E-marketing platform for managing the sending of your promotions to your database.

Each of the Packs includes everything you need to manage to launch your own site, but you have neither the time nor the skills to do it.

Offer valid until November 15, 2020 and subject to conditions.

Both packs Include:

  • Setting up your website for professional use

  • Assistance with creating content, text and images and purchasing a domain name

  • Parameterization essential optimization of your SEO

  • Set-up and custimization of the E-shop with online payment or the Blog Section (depending on the pack).

  • The creation of the E-marketing and newsletter management platform

  • The essential training to manage your website, your products on the E-shop (for E-shop Pack) or your Blog section (for Consulting Pack) and E-marketing campaigns.

  • Publication of the website

  • Hotline support for 30 days

Option: ( on quotation)

  • Creation of your professional Linkedin page + personal profile and training in good practices on this platform

  • Monthly management of your digital marketing activity

  • Creation of your marketing content

  • Outsourcing of any of the parts from the above.

Contact us today to find out more.

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