HARi crm is an easy and simple-to-use Customer Relationship Management system. It is the ultimate CRM software for big, small or medium enterprises. It allows them to track and increase the revenues generated from their marketing database activities.

Using a Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, our team created a powerful cloud-based CRM platform. Thanks to this platform, companies can develop, securely store and manage their customer databases in one place.



  • Access your data in 2 clicks

  • Train your staff in 60 minutes

  • Set your system up in 3 days

  • Register an unlimited number of contacts & Users

  • Take full advantage of a worldwide deployment

  • Do more with live interactive dashboards

  • Benefit from data segmentation

  • Plan targeted marketing

  • Schedule automated email campaigns

  • Follow data tracking on email marketing

  • Demonstrate and measure clear ROI

  • Generate more leads

  • Receive private dining enquiries

  • Manage event enquiries

  • Make the most out of Sales management

  • Track the status of your sales


designed to help YOU !

customized Marketing Automation

HARi's CRM solutions automatically handle your marketing campaigns. Designed to target and be customized, the marketing campaigns are entirely digital.

real-time live report and dashboard

Have access anytime to all the data live, anywhere, through HARi's CRM Live Dashboards. No need to wait the end-of-the-day report to make decisions!.

Multichannel targeted Email campaign management

Create and push marketing campaigns with automatic in sync sending of emails and Facebook posts, on your choice of time and day.

Multilingual & multi-currency Support

HARi CRM is available in more than 40 languages, from English to simplified Chinese. Add the multi-currency feature, and you can handle global transactions.

2-click management

Because time is the most precious resource, quickly connect to all HARi's platforms and features in just a few clicks.

IOs & Android friendly

Flexibility matters, This is why HARi functions with two different operating systems: IOS and Android.

3rd party Integration

HARi can be integrated with most of the international platforms you need for your Hospitality activities, from Evenbrite to Facebook, Xero and more…

Sales force optimization

To maximize the chances of win rate, create automated tasks and follow-up scenarios for your leads and Sales team.

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