HARi Loyalty

Our user-friendly loyalty solution is a disruptive innovation: not only will it change the loyalty process of your business, it will also transform your customers’ experience!

Implemented on an iOS app, users can experiment an intuitive plug and play deployment thanks to the fluency of use.
HARi Loyalty has been designed to improve the Hospitality experience and increase traffic.
With the app, users, may they be staff or customers, can handle a powerful all-included tool, and enjoy the many features it offers in just a few clicks: e-card creation, information update, points attribution, money spent, voucher use, tiers program management… 



  • Only 3.5 seconds are needed to create a new e-card

  • Only 30 minutes are required to train the staff

  • Only 30 days to set up the System within your restaurant or group

  • An unlimited number of venues may be tracked

  • An unlimited number of countries may be registered

  • Integrated live with HARi’s Customer Relationship Management

  • Access a fully automated loyalty system

  • See and comprehend the tiers program

  • Follow the update of the points and use them 

  • Access, see and use the vouchers

  • Get instantly notified of all promotions & rewards available 


designed to help you !

Mobile CRM

HARi's tools and solutions are made mobile so you can access HARi's ecosystem from anywhere, anytime, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

All-in-1 Integrated Platform

A single login ID is necessary to access the entire HARi environment: all tools, data and operations analyses on a same and unique platform

2-click management

Because time is the most precious resource, quickly connect to all HARi's platforms and features in just a few clicks.

Easy training

Onboarding made fast and easy, to train your staff in the blink of an eye and start using HARi's tools instantly.

3rd party Integration

HARi can be integrated with most of the international platforms you need for your Hospitality activities, from Eventbrite to Facebook, Xero and more…

Live integration with HARi's ecosystem

No matter which HARi product you use, all collected data is shared automatically and in real-time with the other platforms for a better efficiency.

Full automatic tiers & vouchers membership management

Manage every aspects of the tiers and vouchers membership, for live and tailor-made relationships with the customer. This way, you can react according to each behavior and leave no one behind!

Quick, easy & user friendly

Our systems have been designed to be of a simple and clear use, providing an experience that is fast, efficient and agreeable.

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