HARi Wallet

An e-Wallet is a digital wallet, designed as a secure and practical application to store e-cards, tickets and much more. Devices running on an IOS Operating System have such a wallet included in their basic features.
However, the Android Operating System does not provide such a function. This is why we have developed the HARi E-wallet. Specifically designed for the Android Operating System, HARi Wallet allows you to store unlimited numbers of e-cards, vouchers, tickets, loyalty cards, boarding passes and much more, for a paper-free life.
You are now just a click away from your next flight or free drink coupon! 



  • Perfect App for loyalty e-cards management

  • The right tool to satisfy each client, may they be a IOS or Android user

  • Helps strengthen the relationship with the customer

  • Quick to download

  • Available on the Android App store

  • User-friendly and beautifully designed


designed to help you !

Quick, easy & user friendly

Our systems have been designed to be of a simple and clear use, providing an experience that is fast, efficient and agreeable.​

All-in-1 Integrated Platform

A single login ID is necessary to access the entire HARi environment: all tools, data and operations analyses on a same and unique platform!

Live integration with HARi's ecosystem

No matter which HARi product you use, all collected data is shared automatically in real-time with the other platforms for a better efficiency.

easy Loyalty E-cards management

The wallet tool is compatible with all e-cards in a streamline way: points are updated automatically, and the e-cards are easily accessible.

Mobile CRM

HARi's tools and solutions are made mobile so you can access HARi's ecosystem from anywhere, anytime, on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

android App Store

The HARi E-wallet is available on the Android App Store. published through Google. Easily accessible and quickly downloaded.

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