The WTF Philosophy

The WTF Philosophy


A few years ago, when we started HARi, we went for the classic “.com” domain name. But the thing is, with the years, we realized that there is nothing classic about us. Which is why we have decided to change our domain name from to 

In the 1980s, the world witnessed the very first database marketing, and in the 1990s, the acronym CRM appeared with the growth of the industry. The end of the 90s were marked by the debut of the first major Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor. However, in the 2000s, the CRM industry could not dodge the same blow that hit most software industries.  This near death experience was avoided in 2007, when cloud-based CRM became the next big change in the CRM industry: these cloud-based applications were made customizable and focused more on interaction than transaction. With the years, and up to today, cloud-based and SaaS CRM solutions continued to integrate more features such as customer service and social CRM. But since the end of this first decade, things have not changed, or very lightly. 

But what about today? Our century? What is new? What is happening?  

Well, the answer is: not enough. As generations and technologies evolve, new problems appear every day. Yet, nothing is done to address them. However, this does not suit our thinking and way of doing. The present tools are not adequate anymore. Which is why HARi’s teams decided it was time for more. More for the CRM industry, for the hospitality market, for you.  

Indeed, for HARi, settling for satisfactory is not sufficient, we want excellency. This is why we have developed a complete and revolutionary ecosystem, a whole working world. As we observed the problems, even so disparate that they seemed, we came to the conclusion that they were all connected. Hence, the solution needed to be a connected one. In fact, this connection had to be the solution. A connection which needed to be established not only for the CRM system, but for all the tools used in the Hospitality industry. 

Today – everything is just a click away. Updated and streamed live. This is what the users not only demand but actually request. Everything, right here, right now, and most of all, effortlessly. And this is exactly what we want to get them. Thus, HARi has florished and changed its name to HARi WTF : Write The Future, as it exactly what we intend to do with our solutions.  

Indeed, HARi’s integrated solutions were conceived to help its users write the future.  

Our ecosystem of tools allows the user to predict the future of their business thanks to performing solutions that help plan ahead, anticipate the client’s wishes, forestall the stock and product availability, foresee the needs and possibilities in marketing and loyalty, and much more.  

Use the gathered data, even anonymous data, follow the weather forecast, track even better your clients and future clients with The Criquet (July 2019) and La Fenêtre (October 2019) to collect and predict customer behavior. The aim? To start the era of Predictive Business. With HARi Data Cube, become the master of your business, plan your stock and staff availability ahead,  

With our solutions, give yourself the tools and means to exceed your objectives. 

Together, today, let’s Write The Future!   

HARi offers the full package: complete solutions at accessible rates for Hospitality businesses, from Takeaway counters to fine dining restaurants, Cocktail bars and Nightclubs.  

Such a position statement places HARi as an outsider of the Hospitality market. Indeed, we are the firsts to offer a complete range of services throughout an all-inclusive solution, and for a low price. Our company follows the expectations of our clients: the latter are willing to take risks for their business and we are here to accompany them, support them, and develop the most adequate solutions to help them succeed.  


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