WEBINAR / Marketing Strategy 2020 : Crisis marketing or Marketing in Crisis

WEBINAR / Marketing Strategy 2020 : Crisis marketing or Marketing in Crisis

Thursday 18th of June.  9 am CET (3 pm Hong Kong time)

The restaurant industry is in a constant revolution for the last five years ( new joiners, disruptive competitors, aggressive delivery providers, and customer habits evolutions).
Since then, the same boring and useless marketing rules have been presented in the media for a few years already.

In 2020, the trends finally prove to us that this approach is wrong:   

  • Facebook is presenting the highest score of fake accounts deleted in a quarter: 1,7 billion in Q1 2020 

  • Despite the common myth, Paid Influencers are not pertinent to the restaurant industry.  

  • The core clientele for F&B, the Millennials, are moving out of Facebook for other platforms. 


  • 49% of customers want to receive offers based on their spending.  

  • Only 5% of the restaurants have a qualified and segmented customer base tool and loyalty system. 

More than ever, the clients are looking for personal relationships with their favorite place, permission marketing, rewards, engagement, simplification in relation ( ordering, communication, interaction), and authenticity in the experience. All these expectations are not aligned with the way marketing is developed today. The current strategy is broken and outdated.

Marketing should be as simple as:  

  1. Bring prospects to your venues 

  2. Find ways to know them  

  3. Make them come back by creating a personalized relation  

In this webinar you’ll: 

  1. Learn how to develop a marketing strategy adapted to the new expectations of the restaurant market  

  2. Understand the interconnections between your different marketing tools and operating platforms to improve your Customer Data acquisition strategy.  

  3. Get the best practice and suggested roadmap to get this new approach done fast and with limited resources and budget in your venue.  

Wants to know more? Join us for this new W.T.F Webinar by HARi, and start to Write The Future of your business. 

About the speaker:

Pierre Stanghellini – HARi Strategist & Co-founder

Pierre is an international Consultant in Business Development Strategy for the F&B industry between Europe and Asia, where he is present monthly as part of his missions.

He is also co-founder and responsible for the strategic development of HARi.wtf.

  • In the restaurant industry for 20 years.

  • Data marketing consultant for nearly 40 restaurants and bar groups in Asia and France.

  • Vice-President of the “Food & Beverage” Committee of the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong since 2017.

  • Co-Founder of the integrated management platform, HARi.wtf.

  • Member of the French Tech Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

About HARi.wtf :

Launched three years ago in Hong Kong, HARi.wtf is an integrated business management platform. 
HARi.wtf is covering the Catering, Retail, and BtoB (Business-to-Business) sectors. 

HARi.wtf, in its various forms, is used today in 42 countries around the world, on all five continents.  

HARi.wtf’s mission is to help establishments, whether they are clothing stores or restaurants, to increase 

qualified traffic in their establishments, increase  customer loyalty, and help their economic growth, through integrated and automated tools and live data analysis.  

HARi.wtf offers its restaurant customers a complete and integrated platform including a cash register system, an online table reservation tool, a multi-site inventory management system, a full loyalty program, an automated marketing management module, a qualified database management tool (CRM), and live dashboards to help them make informed decisions.  

Finally, HARi.wtf operates on an affordable monthly subscription basis in multiple languages and currencies.  

HARi.wtf covers the needs of hundreds of establishments ranging from takeaway restaurants to starred restaurants, cocktail bars, 5-star hotels, and Night Clubs in 5 countries, including France. 

Finally, by the end of 2020, HARi.wtf plans to use predictive analysis tools and algorithms to provide detailed and personalized growth forecasts to restaurant managers, enabling them to anticipate market changes and adapt their operational and commercial tools in advance. 

HARi’s objective is simple: WTF (as Write The Future)


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